About NanGate

The library optimization company dedicated to providing integrated solutions to address the increasingly demanding semiconductor design and market challenges. Using NanGate’s suite of revolutionary EDA tools and services enables both designer productivity and superior IC designs. 





NanGate was founded in October 2004 by seasoned EDA and semiconductor professionals from some of the largest and most dominant semiconductor companies. NanGate leverages decades of IC design and EDA tool development expertise and is management-owned private company.


Market Focus

NanGate’s primary focus is to provide a suite of EDA tools for improving the standard cell library development process by increasing R&D productivity and reducing time-to-market. NanGate also keep its tools up-to-date with the most advanced process nodes. Recent updates such as the integration of a 2D compaction engine at the layout clean-up phase and the development of a new transistor ordering algorithm have enabled efficient support of 20nm, 14nm and already working on support of 10nm processes.

NanGate also targets the inherent shortcomings of predefined ‘one-size-fits-all’ standard-cell libraries by providing a complete engineering solution aimed at enabling semiconductor companies to meet challenging market requirements while cutting design and manufacturing costs.


Standard-cell libraries were introduced more than 40 years ago to help IC designers keep up with the increasing complexity of IC design. But the convenience offered by predefined digital CMOS standard cells has come at the price of overall chip-level efficiency. Standard-cell-based ICs are rarely optimized for their intended application, so ICs are not as small, fast, or power-efficient as they could be.


Meeting the challenge, the NanGate solution was created to address the need to optimize libraries and designs, and  to automate an efficient methodology that slashes the overall product-to-market investment. The NanGate product portfolio includes a complete standard cell development platform, a range of library validation and optimization tools, and a variety of services for design and library optimization. Used together, NanGate’s solution will provide optimized library and design solutions to fabless companies and foundries; a benefit only custom designer had access to in the past.



Technology and Products

NanGate’s global development teams have created an exciting suite of products that benefit IC designers and manufacturers worldwide. At the heart of NanGate’s technology is the NanGate Library Creation Platform, the world’s most advanced standard cell development platform, which enables the rapid creation and validation of application-specific cell libraries or migration of existing cell libraries from one architecture or process node to another. Through NanGate Library Validation Platform,  the most comprehensive and easy to use tool suite for standard cell library verification, the company also offer products for validation of IP developed in house or acquired from 3rd party vendors. The tool suite is fully integrated with Nangate’s library creation and characterization flow.


To complete the offering, NanGate Professional Services engineers have extensive experience in deploying the entire suite of NanGate solutions. They are available to provide library generation services, tool and methodology training, or turnkey design optimization services.