Ole Christian Andersen, President and CEO














Prior to co-founding NanGate, Mr. Andersen held the position of Vice President and General Manager of Vitesse Semiconductors – Ethernet Products Division. Before joining Vitesse, he served as CEO of Exbit Technology, a Danish company he founded in 1999. Exbit Technology was acquired by Vitesse in 2001.

From 1997 to 1999, he worked for Intel Corporation in Denmark as Engineering Manager for the switch IC group. From 1994 to 1997, he worked for Cray Communications in Denmark, heading up the switch IC group. He was part of the team that headed Cray’s sales effort to Intel in 1997.

Prior to joining Cray Communications, Mr. Andersen worked with EDA research and full-custom IC design for 4 years at the Technical University of Denmark and DELTA Electronics.

Mr. Andersen received his M.Sc.EE from the Technical University of Denmark, and has a B.Sc in Economics and Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School.

Jens P. Tagore-Brage, Co-Founder and CTO














Dr. Tagore-Brage is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of NanGate. Previously, he served as Vice President of Technology for the Ethernet Products Division of Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation, and before that as CTO for Exbit Technology, a startup company acquired by Vitesse in 2001.




Before joining Exbit Technology in 1999, Dr. Tagore-Brage worked for the switch ASIC group at Cray Communications, later Intel Denmark, as chip architect and back-end design flow. From 1995 to 1996, he worked for DELTA Electronics in the fields of architecture, design, and design methodology development.

Dr. Tagore-Brage holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering. His thesis, “Foundations of a High-Level Synthesis System”, was published in 1993; he also holds an M.Sc.EE. in the EDA field. After finishing his thesis, he worked at the Technical University of Denmark as a post-doc in hardware/software co-design.

Dr. Tagore-Brage holds three patents within the computer networking field and has several patents pending.

Jens C. Michelsen, Co-Founder and COO














Prior to co-founding NanGate, Mr. Michelsen was Director of Physical Design at Vitesse’s Ethernet Products Division. Before joining Vitesse, he served as Physical Design Manager of Exbit Technology.




Mr. Michelsen has more than 15 years’ industry experience within leading companies including Intel, Olicom and GN Nettest, in areas ranging from mathematical modeling to physical design. In recent years, physical design and design flow to tapeout have been his main focus. He holds several US patents in communications and IC design.