NanGate Products

    The NanGate solution includes a complete standard cell development platform (Library Creation Platform™), and a revolutionary new class of EDA solution (Design Optimizer™) that optimize digital CMOS ICs to levels previously only achievable with extensive manual efforts and very large design teams.   To complete the offering, NanGate Professional Services can provide variety of services for design and library optimization.



    NanGate solutions allow customers to take full advantage of current and next-generation IC technologies, and offer advantages over process scaling.  Targeting the inherent shortcomings of predefined ‘one-size-fits-all’ standard-cell libraries, NanGate’s fully automated products can effectively optimize power consumption and maximize performance while minimizing chip area.





    By utilizing the NanGate solution, our customers benefit in multiple areas:

    • Higher chip performance
    • Lower IC power consumption
    • Reduced manufacturing costs
    • Improved yield
    • Shorter time to market



    The solution suite consists of an integrated package of powerful EDA solutions, cell library IPs and Services. Customers can choose one or more products to fit into their existing tool suite and process flow. The tool suite currently consists of the following products:

  • NanGate Library Design Services

    NanGate provides standard cell library design and optimization services both as a fully independent 3rd party IP vendor or as a partner in the development of high performance libraries.
  • Library Creation Platform

    NanGate Library Platform™ is a comprehensive tool set that enables efficient creation and validation of large umbers of digital cell variants.
  • NanGate Library Validation Platform

    NanGate Library Validation platform is a comprehensive and easy to use tool suite for standard cell library verification which is fully integrated with Nangate's library creation and characterization flow.
  • NanGate Video Gallery

    A media channel created to publish demos and other videos that will help you better understand our products and solutions.