Embrace the most advanced tool suite for designing, validating and optimizing standard cell libraries in state-of-the-art process nodes. Our solutions and team of experts will help you produce more - faster - and still achieve higher quality results. What We Do
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Library Creation Platform

NanGate Library Creation Platform™ is the industry’s most versatile, integrated and easy-to-use solution for digital cell library creation and optimization. It enables designers of digital CMOS ICs to the same benefit as a full-custom design approach.

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Design Optimizer

NanGate Design Optimizer™ (NDO) is the post-synthesis re-optimization technology for today’s most challenging designs. NDO’s proprietary algorithms identify opportunities for improving a design’s per-formance using the richer and more fine-grained cells available in the Nangate MegaLibrary or created on-the-fly.

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Design Services

NanGate provides library design services for all process generations down to 14nm. Using its leading edge library creation technology, NanGate can create layouts of the highest quality that meet customer specific requirements – and in record time! Customers can choose between custom libraries, migrating existent library IPs or augmenting existing libraries with optimization extensions.

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